5 Tips to Nailing an Interview

Perhaps you have spent weeks or months going through job postings and job sites, networking and getting together and revising your resume and then sending it out to dozens of different jobs waiting for that one to get back to you about a possible position. When it finally comes through, you are elated that you are finally going to get the chance to meet with someone face-to-face about a job with an interview. Now that you have the interview lined up and scheduled, here are a couple of quick tips that can help you to have a great interview and secure that job for yourself.

  1. Do Research – Of course you want to be prepared to answer any questions the interviewer is going to ask about you, but you also need to know something about the company as well so you can ask intelligent and informed questions yourself. Do some research on the company so you can display knowledge of what the company does and how you can help them reach their goals.
  2. Research the Competition Too – It can be very helpful to you to do a little research on other companies involved in the same industry as the one interviewing you as well. It always helps if you know as much about the industry as possible and if the competition is doing something your potential employer is not this can help give you insight into the business and show you are serious about doing this type of work.
  3. Get Some Rest – It is only natural for you to feel a little bit tense the night before you have a big interview, but it is also important that you do your best to make sure you are well rested and fresh for when the interview takes place. Try and make sure you get a good night of sleep, stay away from alcohol the night before or anything that might impede your judgment, keep you awake or keep you from getting a good eight hours of rest.
  4. Eat Breakfast – it may not seem like a big deal, but it is a good idea to make sure you eat a healthy breakfast before your interview. Having a good healthy start to your day will make you feel better and more relaxed and it will also help to keep your stomach from making any noises during your interview that can be potentially embarrassing.
  5. Don't Pretend – The most important thing about your interview is to remember to be yourself. There is a reason the company called you in for the interview in the first place. There is obviously something about you that liked and they want to see that in your interview. Do not pretend to be something you are not or know things you do not; relax and answer the questions honestly and be true to who you are. Let your strengths, skills and experience shine through and give honest replies to their questions and you will have the best shot possible at snaring the position.